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Former Graduates

Just some of the many stories of recovery at Victory House 

We’re proud of each and every person who comes to Victory House for help. Our Team makes sure to maintain a lifelong connection with our residents and will often check up on their progress. Check out some of our incredible success stories. We couldn’t be happier to help our graduates and their loved ones.



I Had It All

Once NRL Football Player, Chris went from celebrity status, to losing his marriage, to living on the streets/homeless, to eventually locked up in jail. His battle with ice and his victory against the odds will bring you to tears. 3 years later, Chris is now the House Supervisor for Victory House New Zealand and even finished another season as the 2020 Grand final winners in the New Zealand National Rugby league competition!


The Devil Has Lost Another One

People said it was impossible but Brad has defied the odds, completely turned his life around, and proven them wrong. Hard core addiction can be beaten! Come along and hear Brads powerful testimony LIVE at Vibe Church this Sunday. You will witness what true miracles look like!


Prosecution Where ready to Make an Example

Waiting to be sentenced for trafficking and dealing large amounts of drugs in his small country town, Matty thought there was no hope. Standing in Court, Matty shared his recovery journey with the presiding Judge. The magistrate offered Matty an opportunity to prove that he was serious about wanting to turn his life around. Matty went on to become one of our best House supervisors. Matty's story of recovery will blow you away!

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Anger No Longer rules My Life

I have learnt to take ownership for my actions, and how to take control of my anger, I can control myself better, I am more aware of my surroundings, and more assertive with others. I have learnt to hold my brother's accountable for their actions. What I look forward to being a positive role model and leader for others to follow, and I look forward to seeing more of Gods plan and purpose revealed over my life.


From Prison to Freedom

With the loss of his father at an early age, Morgan's world turned upside down. Everything went from bad to worse. From being a high achiever Morgan would never have thought that he would one day be addicted to hard drugs and in prison. Morgan's incredible story is so inspiring.


I Now Have Life Again

Life with out violence, crime, and addiction is my new way of life. And...I like it! My journey has been a tough one, but with the right focus, the right people leading me, and the desire to do whatever it takes, I can say, I'm a new man with a new destiny. God has truly taken me from death to life. Life in my  marriage, life family, and life in my spirit.

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I Nearly Died...

Anger had a very big impact on Lorenzo's life. He no longer lives as a victim to his past. His new found identity and a strong desire to lead others out of darkness and addiction is an inspiration to see. Lorenzo's story of recovery will absolutely blow you away


If the Steps are Forward, I'm Happy

"I have learnt that recovery is a step by step process. Just as long as the steps are forward, It doesn’t matter how big they are. I have learnt that to become a good leader first you must become a good follower. I’ve learnt not to dwell in the struggle but you keep going I've learnt how to re-integrate back into society."

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