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So Many Questions

Let’s Try to Answer Some of Your Questions

How Much Does It Cost?

Australia - $600 per fortnight for anyone on New Start Centre Link Payments or $850 per fortnight for anyone on Disability Support Centre Link Payments.

NewZealand - $460 per fortnight for anyone on Job Seeker Payments or $710 per fortnight for anyone on Disability Support Payments.

Which addictions do you treat?

Whilst we are not a treatment centre, our Program will help you on your recovery journey from most addictions including drugs, alcohol, gambling, anger, pornography etc. Our team are more than happy to assist if you are unsure about what addictions we can assist you through.

What’s your success rate?

Our success rate is measured not so much by those who come into our program and leave, but more so by those who graduate our program and continue to stay on track. Statistics tell us that 7 out of 10 people who finish a rehabilitation program eventually go back into addiction within a two year period. That's a sobering statistic (70% failure rate) that we have taken on as a challenge to beat. So far of all the men who have graduated Victory House, we are currently sitting at a 70% success rate. That means 7 out of 10 men who have graduated our program, are still going strong. They're still connected to their mentors, still plugged into a church community, and are continuing to make wise choices over their lives.

Check out some of the amazing testimonies. 

What Does The Daily Timetable Look Like?

Victory House runs on a very tight timetable from sun up to sun down. A typical day includes morning group walk and exercise, bible devotions, assisting residents with important appointments ie: doctors, hospital, counselling, court, and other legal appointments etc.

How Long Does The Program Go For?

Victory House is a 12 month live-in Residential Program that is divided into 4 stages. Each Stage is around 3 months duration. The approach and attitude that our residents take is that one year is well worth the sacrifice and work to be able to live the rest of their lives healthy, and free from the chains of addiction.

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